DIFF 2014 High School Day—April 4

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2013 Dallas International Film Festival High School DayHundreds of students and teachers from more than 40 DFW high schools will convene in Klyde Warren Park to learn from filmmakers and other professionals through panel discussions and hands-on workshops. Attendees will learn how to set up quality shots, create stop motion films, improve their improv acting skills, sound like a film critic and more.


Check in for all participating high school students will be at Klyde Warren Park. Students will split into groups and be directed to various Arts District venues for sessions on:

  • Stuntman for the Camera
  • Get Your ‘Act’ Together
  • VFX 101
  • Directing the Actor
  • What is Casting?

The day ends at about 4 p.m.


Renée Contreras
Director of Membership, Education & Outreach
Dallas International Film Festival

Jordan Jones
Membership, Education & Outreach Assistant


Setting The Shot Presented by Panavision
Sometimes it takes a small army to set up one, single shot, and we want students to know how to do this before they get to college so that they’re ahead of the game. James Finn from Panavision will be using this workshop to get students familiar with understanding what kind of shot they want, what they want it to mean, and they will learn what team it takes to set it up! Jib shots, dolly shots, tracking shots, you name it, they’ll walk away knowing how to do it, before they make it to Hollywood!

STOP!MOTION! Presented by MediaTech Institute
Stop Motion has, and is still sort of a trend in Hollywood these days. It’s a skill that most people like to learn, but it takes patience to master. Eric Jewell will be using this workshop to fill the students in on the basics they need to know about Stop Motion. Stop Motion comes in very handy when students are making films with a budget, or limited equipment, and want to throw in the element of animation, so this is a handy craft to learn on the way to college.

Sound Like A Film Critic Presented by Southern Methodist University Film & Media Arts
Learning to know what to look for when you watch a film is what this workshop is geared towards. Students will learn some tricks of the trade when it comes to basic film theory. Professor Sean Griffin will lead this discussion, and students will be able to talk genre, mise en scene, and some technical elements, so that the students can conquer early on what makes movies amazing!

Improve Your Improv Presented by Improv Dallas
Fun fact about today’s funniest movies: The actors are allowed to improvise a lot of the time. We want our students to be just like today’s comedy A listers. And that’s what this workshop is for. Lead by Actress, and Improv Dallas CEO Wendy Louise Pennington, these students will learn about being pros at Improv!

Film School 411
What college should I go to? We can help students with that question. This twist on a high school round table, will bring alumni college students from all over the Texas area that are currently working in the industry, to fill in these guys about the inside scoop on the film school they attended. The alumni will answer questions, and talk about what their program was like and why it was a great film school to go to. If students are really considering film as a career, this workshop may be the most important!




With 175 films and an Oscar to his credit, John Wayne is considered by many to be not only a great actor, but the American archetype.

Cheryl Boone Isaacs is the first African-American President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and only the third woman to hold the office.

John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren & Stimpy, is the recipient of the 2014 Texas Avery Animation Award presented by REEL FX.



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